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  • Manufacturer: Sterling

The RESCUE!® Disposable Fly Trap catches common nuisance or filth flies -- hundreds of the most prevalent species including house flies, false stable flies, blow flies, blue and green bottle flies, flesh flies, face flies and many others.

  • Manufacturer: Martin's Pest Control Products

For use inside and outside.  Controls insect pests for up to 4 weeks.  Home uses include: pantries, bedding, kitchens, buildings, carpets and clothing.  Can be used in handheld foggers or automatic misting systems.  One quart makes up to 48 gallons for contact and residual sprays, and up to 266 gallons for large animal sprays.

  • Manufacturer: Sterling

The W·H·Y® Trap has a top chamber and a bottom chamber. The top chamber is baited with two attractants -- one of which is a solid contained in a vial, and the other a liquid mixed with water.